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Brand consultant
Kun Dai

The CEO of Easy-Home Co.,Ltd

In 2012, Tucson officially launched a new brand development strategy and invited Kun Dai as the brand consultant. At the same time, Tucson established a strategic cooperation with Beijing Easy-Home Co.,Ltd in product development. Tucson is the first enterprise in wood industry who entrust design master to research integral wood business to be industrialized and branded.

Design master
Jianlong Zeng

In 2016, Tucson reached a strategic cooperation with the design master Jianlong Zeng to jointly develop the contemporary oriental series.

Design master Jianlong Zeng graduated from Polytechnic University of Milan, Italy. He is a senior interior architect and ICIAD member (international interior architect and designer council). Currently, he is the head and director of Singapore GID Hotel Design Group in China, the founder and director of GID design Co.,Ltd., business model creator of Italian Scultura home decoration brand in China (Scultura Life Aesthetic) , brand founder of regenerative living co-design, the first Chinese designer to collaborate with the top Italian brand PROVASI..

C Foundation(charity foundation)&Tucson
Charity Strategic Cooperation

C Foundation(charity foundation) is the first self-supporting charitable foundation founded and organized by Chinese designers. It was established in 2014 by TK Chu, Sherman Lin, Patrick Leung, Steve Leung, Jianguo Liang, Yaoguang Chen, Frank Jiang, Kun Dai, Troy Sun and Bin Ju, who are interior designers from China(Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mainland). The mission of C Foundation is "seeking innovation, encouraging entrepreneurship and creating future".

Its aims are to foster the design education, to promote study research, to help design talents, to inspire creation and development, to enhance design communication, and to inherit Chinese traditional culture.

Design master

CEO of Jiwu Architecture Design

With years of accumulated professional experience and profound cultural knowledge in design, he forms his own unique philosophy: "space" is always in the "void" existence. Through space, people have many direct and indirect relations with it. People, architecture and furniture are closely related to each other. Through his own understanding of oriental aesthetics and traditional culture, he further studies and forms unique design concepts about architecture, commercial space and products.

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